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EHMAEuropean Hotel Managers Association
EHMAEuropean Healthcare Management Association
EHMAEuropean Harbour Masters' Association (International Harbour Masters' Association)
EHMAEuropean Home Market Approach (EU)
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Todas las fracciones obtenidas fueron analizadas por cromatografia en capa fina, uniendose aquellas que tenian un perfil cromatografico similar, quedando rotuladas de la siguiente manera: EHMH (las fracciones obtenidas con hexano); EHMHD (las obtenidas con mezclas de hexano y diclorometano); EHMD (obtenidas con diclorometano); EHMDA (obtenidas con mezclas de diclorometano y acetato de etilo); EHMA (obtenidas con acetato de etilo); EHMAM (obtenidas con acetato de etilo y metanol); EHMM (obtenidas con metanol).
Koch was elected during the 40th General Meeting of EHMA at the Hotel Principe di Savoia in Milan, at the conclusion of a series of seminars and celebrations for EHAMOs 40th anniversary.
EHMA has also begun listing cases of best practice' to help coordinate policies and assess the transposability of these practices into national systems.