EHNRIEthiopian Health and Nutrition Research Institute
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According to Ato Abebe Bekele, Director of the Health System Research in the EHNRI, the survey, that is prolonged for the period of one year, has an objective to evaluate and monitor the quality of health service, the coverage and magnitude of the effectiveness of the interventions in order to improve maternal and newborn service deliveries in the four populous regions.
14) Unfortunately, like EHNRI, AHRI has difficulty attracting and retaining experienced researchers; thus, it is essential that these and other institutions devise schemes to attract and retain experienced researchers.
Research works at the EHNRI concentrate in epidemiology and diagnostic techniques of infectious diseases.
Ethiopia has few research (and teaching) institutes governed by the federal/state governments and their affiliations, namely, AHRI, ALIPB, EARO (and the agricultural research institutes of the regional states), EHNRI and NVRI.
31%, respectively, whereas Paliwal and Granados [5], EHNRI and FAO [19] reported 9.
Furthermore, according to EHNRI and FAO [19], the protein, fat and carbohydrate contents for cassava supplemented maize breads were found to be 3.
EHNRI and FAO Food composition table for use in Ethiopia.