EHOPEnterprise Home Ownership Partners (Los Angeles, CA)
EHOPExternal Heat or Pressure
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Key figures for EHOP Inmates *, in comparison with other Hh types.
Before examining the EHOPs of the two countries, however, the two housing systems are evaluated.
By inheritance, donations or borrowing, this path in EHO turned out to be one of the significant EHOPs in Turkey.
This group of households may fall into the EHOPs of Transfers relying on private debts, Direct purchasers (with own savings and fortunes), Transfers with market debt program and/or inheritance.
For Turkey EHOPs identified are inmates; inheritors, parental donations and family borrowing; transfers relying on private debts; direct purchasers (with own savings and fortunes); purchasers via Housing Administration (HA); transfers with market debt program; gecekondu (unauthorized housing) and cannot afford.
EHOPs defined for Turkey mostly reflect the absence of state support in housing provision.