EHOVEErie Huron Ottawa Vocational Education (Milan, Ohio)
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This is done in a creative fashion with a scavenger hunt to get the mentees comfortable with the campus setting at EHOVE.
He presents the mentees with an EHOVE canvas bag to be used to gather all of their scavenger items.
Short, effective lessons regarding grades, e-mail, phone systems, discipline procedures, reward systems, classroom cleaning and EHOVE specific programs are presented by different staff members, administrators, secretaries and custodians.
Examples from the August list include how to get materials for the classroom, how to sign in, the attendance and code of conduct at EHOVE, school policies, and a host of other items that were addressed in the orientation seminar but are reviewed to be sure that the mentee has an increased comfort level from day one of school.
The EHOVE administration takes an active role in the mentoring program.
The lead mentor develops, implements, monitors and evaluates the mentoring program at EHOVE.
Each new school year brings varied new staff members to EHOVE.
Newest EHOVE mentee Mary Taylor says, "When I came to EHOVE Career Center after teaching four years at a traditional school, I was nervous about my transition; however, the mentoring program guided and nurtured me and my professionalism throughout the school year.
Mentors at EHOVE wear three hats: coach, collaborator and cheerleader.
Joseph DeRose and Gail Kleindienst are now retired from EHOVE Career Center, bat DeRose can be contacted at joerderose@yahoo.