EHPAEuropean Heat Pump Association
EHPAEuropean Herbal Practitioners Association
EHPAEnhanced Hurricane Protection Area (Florida)
EHPAExoskeletons for Human Performance Augmentation (US DARPA program)
EHPAEmergency Health Powers Act
EHPAEarned Home Payments Account
EHPAEuropean Heat Pumps Association
EHPAErhardt Hand Preference Assessment
EHPAEnvironment and Health Protection Administration (Stockholm, Sweden)
EHPAElectro-Hydraulic Power Assist (automotive)
EHPAExtended Hours Pharmacy Association (Australia)
EHPAEmployee Health Programs and Activities
EHPAEden Historic Preservation Association (Eden, TX)
EHPAEast Harbor Planning Area (Florida)
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Two teams of researchers late last year proved that the idea behind EHPA was technically possible.
That way the EHPA wearer does not feel the greater weight, and does not have to think about operating the system.
By bringing the human factor into the development of the EHPA system, designers hope to circumvent design problems early and ensure that the system is as transparent as hoped.
Still, he said EHPA could provide the framework for improved ballistic armor or medical evacuation equipment, applications that could find a home in a combat environment.
Location of works, place of delivery supplies or performance: EHPADs the Prvallon EHPA Villages 22000 Saint-Brieuc