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EHRElectronic Health Records
EHREducation and Human Resources
EHREnglish Historical Review (UK)
EHREqualities and Human Rights (UK)
EHREnhanced Hydrocarbon Recovery (Canada)
EHREnsemble Harmonique de Rungis (French musical association)
EHRÉquipement Hors Route (French: Off Road Equipment; Canada)
EHRElectronic Human Resource
EHREvangelicals for Human Rights (National Religious Campaign against Torture)
EHRHenderson City-County Airport (Henderson, KY)
EHREnvironmental Health Review
EHREmployer Health Register (Work Loss Data Institute)
EHREquipment History Record (OPNAVINST 4790.2)
EHRExplosive Hazards Reduction(s)
EHREvents History Recorder
EHRException Handling Routine
EHRException Handler Removal
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The EHR can construct an errorless data management system for quality, safety and efficient health sector.
A common variable suggested is that EHR negatively effects communication between nurses and patients Communication issues can compromise quality of care while causing decreased satisfaction for nurses However, negative comments should not be negated as being whining, their validity should be afforded a closer look.
Second, industry-wide factors may enable hospitals that adopt EHR functions in the more recent past to realize greater performance gains than hospitals that adopted those same functions earlier on.
Browse the full Electronic Health Records (EHR) Market (Installation Types: Web-based EHR System and Client Server-based EHR System; End-users: Hospitals and Ambulatory Centers) - Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends and Forecast, 2014 - 2020 report at http://www.
The Test EHR is available as a last-resort option to meet this measure if the first option cannot be met.
Actions cited within those focus areas include 1) providing laboratory expertise for health information technology decision-making in the design, development, and implementation of EHR systems; 2) guiding and maintaining data integrity and usability to ensure that laboratory data are accurately presented in the EHR and available at the point of care; and 3) partnering with stakeholders to stimulate innovation in EHR technology and usability to reduce laboratory data--related errors attributed to the use of EHR systems.
Selecting an EHR and contracting with the EHR's vendor is the first phase of a successful implementation project.
The EHR and the LIS have different, but complementary, tools to support the analytics needed by Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs).
PatientClick offers easy to use, clinician focused EHR with an integrated clinic automation tools that can work as one solution from patient check in to patient check out.
HHS also should make other EHR incentive program standards tougher, the lawmakers said.
EPs under the Medicare EHR Incentive Program include: doctors of medicine or osteopathy, doctors of dental surgery or dental medicine, doctors of podiatry, doctors of optometry, and chiropractors.
Most of my colleagues who have converted to an EHR say it slows them down.