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para 48, 1 EHRR 737 : << En particulier, on ne peut degager du
20) In HM v Switzerland (2004) 38 EHRR 17, para 42, the court explained that, in deciding "whether there, has been a deprivation, of liberty, the starting point must be the specific situation of the individual concerned" [J2, p.
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See Ahmad, 4 EHRR 126, [paragraph] 15 (stating "the applicant remained free to resign if and when he found that his teaching obligations conflicted with his religious duties.
The appeal court set out the facts and considered the cases of Johansen v Norway 23 EHRR 33 and R v Finland [2006] FLR 923.
Austria, 1993, 15 EHRR 437, it was held that a measure was a therapeutic necessity couldn't be regarded as inhuman or degrading.
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The point has been made at a higher level of abstraction by the House of Lords, where it was pointed out that the standard of review of legislation pursuant to the Convention was more rigorous than that applied when general principles of judicial review are applicable: R (Daly) v Secretary of State for the Home Department [2001] UKHL 26, paras 25-28 (Lord Steyn); see also Smith and Grady v United Kingdom (1999) 29 EHRR 493, para 138.
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