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He is also a visiting professor of design management at the Copenhagen Business School, and a member of the Board of the EIASM (the European Institute for Advanced Studies in Management), of the Editorial Board of the Journal of Product Innovation Management and of the Advisory Council of the Design Management Institute.
It is organized by EIASM in cooperation with a local university or business school somewhere in Europe.
We appreciate the helpful comments and suggestions of Tim Baldenius, Sudipta Basu, Gary Biddle, Joel Demski, Raffi Indjejikian, Steve Matsunaga, Abbie Smith, Alfred Wagenhofer, and two anonymous referees, as well as from participants in workshops at Baruch College-CUNY; Hong Kong University of Science and Technology; University of California, Irvine; University of California, Berkeley; University of Chicago; University of Illinois at Chicago; University of Minnesota; the 2000 EIASM Accounting and Economics Conference, and the 2000 University of Magdeburg Conference on Performance Measurement and Incentive Systems.
EIASM International Conference on Accounting, Auditing and Management in Public Sector Reforms.
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With all these seemingly irreconcilable problems which are associated with the SERVQUAL scale, Gilmore and Carson[39] reported, after the 1992 EIASM (European Instute for Advanced Studies in Management) conference (Proceedings of the Second Workshop in Quality Management in Services)[53], that the time had now come to bury the SERVQUAL scale and attempt to reconstruct/redefine service quality from a new and different perspective - a perspective that would incorporate the development of more applicable measurement techniques and lead us to a better understanding of the mechanisms that consumers adopt when they form perceptions of service quality.
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Paper presented at EIASM Workshop on Consumer Behavior: Extending the Cognitive Structure Perspective, Brussels, Belgium, November 1989.
We are also grateful to participants of the EIASM Workshop on Family Firm Management Research, International Family Enterprise Research Academy (1FERA) conference, and Theories of Family Enterprise conference, and in particular Lloyd Steier, for their comments and encouragement on earlier versions of the paper.
EIASM, European institute for advanced studies in management [online], [accessed 28 Nov 2009].
Acknowledgments: A preliminary version of this paper was presented at the 4th EIASM Workshop on Management & Accounting in Historical Perspective (Bologna, Italy, December 16-17, 2005).