EIBAEuropean Installation Bus Association
EIBAEuropean International Business Academy (Belgium)
EIBAEuropean International Business Association (now European International Business Academy)
EIBAEnglish Indoor Bowling Association (UK)
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1) This paper has been presented at the 23rd EIBA Conference in Stuttgart, December 1997 and has been supported by DGICYT Project Number PB 95-0808.
The headquarters of the new association will be based at the former EIBA offices at Melton Mowbray.
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EIBA members criticised the involvement of organisations such as EBDA in the country's official business affairs, saying that this undermined the role of the Egyptian government.
I was at that time a director and area representative for the National Governing Body of the Sport of Bowls namely EIBA Ltd and attended many meetings with the council whose ears were closed to the arguments made by the association.
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