EIBAEuropean Installation Bus Association
EIBAEuropean International Business Academy (Belgium)
EIBAEuropean International Business Association (now European International Business Academy)
EIBAEnglish Indoor Bowling Association (UK)
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Moreover, when she became a member in GAIF, her work involved much travelling, where she met the founders of EIBA, who recognised her work and efforts.
The authors wish to thank Raj Aggarwal, James Baker, John Dunning, Richard Lee, Cornelis Los, Jennifer Oetzel, and the participants of EIBA for their useful comments.
Paper presented at the EIBA conference in Stuttgart, December.
EIBA 1984 Conference, Rotterdam: Erasmus University.
Wolf, editors, Global Business in the Information Age; 161-191 European International Business Academy: Proceedings of the 23re Annual EIBA Conference.
An earlier draft was presented at the 1996 European International Business Academy Conference in Stockholm, The author gratefully acknowledges the anonymous EIBA reviewer for the constructive comments provided.
Going international - the foreign direct investment decisions of smaller UK firms", EIBA Proceedings, Uppsala, 1979, pp.
Acknowledgments The author would like to thank the participants and reviewers of the 40th EIBA Annual Conference for the helpful feedback on a previous version of the paper.
He has also written some book chapters, and he presented several papers in different international conferences (RENT, EIBA, AIB, EMAC, EURAM).
Members of EIBA expressed their opposition to EBDA representative Muhammad al-Damardash's involvement in planning the trip's itinerary and allegedly "getting in between the President and businessmen," saying that the invitation to participate in the trip was not extended to elected and official business organisations.
1) A preliminary version of this paper was presented at the EIBA Conference 2008, Tallinn, Estonia.