EIBIEarly Intensive Behavioral Intervention (autism treatment)
EIBIEthiopian Institute of Banking and Insurance
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The participants were 14 children with ASD ages 3 to 5 years who were starting an EIBI program at a public service agency in Quebec, a French-speaking province of Canada.
The results of our EIBI research are very encouraging, and we wanted to expand the application of the intervention techniques within a school setting", said Professor Hastings.
Of relevance to this discussion is the fact that a large proportion of the EIBI curriculum for children with autism targeted language and pre-language skills (e.
The term EIBI will be used for techniques variously referred to in the popular literature as the 'Lovaas method; 'discrete trial training', 'operant learning', and 'applied behavior analysis; although these terms are not actually interchangeable.
EIBI is a well-established treatment form for children with ASDs (Granpeesheh et al.
They will point out that some of the previous studies did not include children with autism, and that studies of individual strategies say nothing about the effect of a complete EIBI program based on the VB approach.
In the second section, which focuses on the clinical application of behavior analysis, Chapter 10 provides an excellent review of the research basis for EIBI.
In this commentary, we briefly describe the verbal-behavior approach to EIBI and summarize the existing data that support its use.
Specifically, EIBI focuses on simultaneously building several skill domains, including functional communication, imitation, matching-to-sample, affiliate behavior, and basic receptive and expressive language with a gradual progression to increasingly more complex domains (Pelios & Lund, 2001).
It might be useful to think of EIBI in terms of three general elements: curriculum protocol, analysis, and implementation and program structuring.