EIBTEarly Intensive Behavioral Treatment (autism therapy)
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For example, the aforementioned "Guidelines for Early Intensive Behavior Treatment Programs (EIBT) for Children with Autistic Spectrum Disorder (Region 6 Autism Connection, 1999) outlines the procedures employed by the collaborating agencies when referring children to EIBT programs.
s (2005) study did not differ significantly on pretreatment measures of IQ, language, and adaptive skills, the superior outcome of the EIBT groups relative to the comparison groups cannot be explained by pretreatment differences between groups in children's level of functioning.
Howard et al's (2005) study was the first comparison-controlled study of an EIBT model other than the UCLA approach developed by Lovaas and colleagues (Lovaas & Smith, 2003).
In the next section, we examine two prominent, recently-published EIBT studies to illustrate this point.