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EIECEnteroinvasive E. Coli
EIECEastern Illini Electric Cooperative
EIECEuropean Institute for Economy and Commerce (Belgium)
EIECEaton India Engineering Center (Eaton Technologies Pvt. Ltd.; Maharashtra, India)
EIECEastern Idaho Engineering Council (Pocatello, ID)
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For the EIEC, there were 15 isolates comprising four serogroups: O28, O29, O124, and O136.
ETEC, EPEC, EIEC, and EHEC were defined as strains having the respective genes.
coli strains that are unable to produce attaching-effacing lesions, including ETEC and EIEC.
The emergence of ETEC and EIEC, which had readily identifiable virulence determinants at a time when EPEC did not, brought the pathogenicity of EPEC into question.
We report the findings of the investigations into these EIEC outbreaks.
57 status * EIEC, enteroinvasive Escherichia coli; MSD, moderate-to-severe diarrhea; OR, odds ratio; NA, not applicable.
In cooperation with the ministries of Electricity and Petroleum, a number of international oil companies operating in Egypt launched EIEC to promote energy conservation.
We developed a single multiplex PCR reaction to detect ETEC, EPEC, EIEC, and STEC, using specific previously described (4-6) or new primers (GIBCO-BRL, Gaithersburg, MD) for diverse virulence traits (Table 1).
3-kb BamHI) 13 STp enterotoxin pCVD426 (157-bp PstI) STh enterotoxin pCVD427 (216-bp EcoRI) EIEC Invasion pPS55 (2.