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EIEIOEnhanced Integration of Emacs Interpreted Objects
EIEIOEmail, Internet, Electronic Information Officer (South Park cartoon)
EIEIOEnforce In-Order Execution of Input/Output (PPC assembly)
EIEIOElectron Impact Excitation of Ions from Organics
EIEIOEconomic Incentives for Enterprises in Indiana and Ohio
EIEIOEnvironmentally Integrated Effects Initiatives for Operations
EIEIOExcellence in Education Input/Output
EIEIOEast Isn't Even It's Odd
EIEIOEngineering Instruction/Engineering Implementation Order
EIEIOElite Idealistic Earth Individuals Organization (May the Farce Be with You)
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EIEIO is a waypoint near Iowa State University home of one of the top veterinary colleges in the country.
Eclectic and eccentric, Dan's essays begin with “ACRONYM,” a tale of an inept government committee called EIEIO, the Environmental Interlarding Ecosystem Interloping Organization.
Old MacDonald's EIEIO words, such as PERIHELION, have also appeared in Word Ways (86221 and 87024).