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EIEIOEnhanced Integration of Emacs Interpreted Objects
EIEIOEmail, Internet, Electronic Information Officer (South Park cartoon)
EIEIOEnforce In-Order Execution of Input/Output (PPC assembly)
EIEIOElectron Impact Excitation of Ions from Organics
EIEIOEconomic Incentives for Enterprises in Indiana and Ohio
EIEIOEnvironmentally Integrated Effects Initiatives for Operations
EIEIOExcellence in Education Input/Output
EIEIOEast Isn't Even It's Odd
EIEIOEngineering Instruction/Engineering Implementation Order
EIEIOElite Idealistic Earth Individuals Organization (May the Farce Be with You)
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Eclectic and eccentric, Dan's essays begin with “ACRONYM,” a tale of an inept government committee called EIEIO, the Environmental Interlarding Ecosystem Interloping Organization.
As part of the agreement, the PCDC will reimburse EIEIO for permit and other development fees, sewage and detention costs, and pay the company $3,000 for each new full-time employee hired with an average wage of $46,000 plus benefits for the first 20 employees hired.
Old MacDonald's EIEIO words, such as PERIHELION, have also appeared in Word Ways (86221 and 87024).