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EIFSExterior Insulation and Finish System (construction)
EIFSExtended Inter-Frame Space (IEEE 802.11)
EIFSEllerslie International Flower Show (New Zealand)
EIFSEconomic Impact Forecast System
EIFSEstonian Institute for Futures Studies
EIFSExcellence in Faculty Service (New York)
EIFSEmployment Insurance Family Supplement (Canada)
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The combination of EIFs investment and structuring expertise and the EIBs efficient deployment of EFSI funds offer a competitive financing solution for Commerzbank which will serve to boost the supply of finance in the real economy.
For EIFS applications, the ToughTek S340e Stucco Pump handles air/water-resistive barrier materials, EIFS base coats and finish coats.
The Freedonia Group, a Cleveland-based industry research firm, projects EIFS sales will reach $950 million within the next five years, an increase of almost 34% compared to 2007.
As with all claddings, EIFS must be correctly installed and properly detailed if they are to perform properly.
As a result, insurance companies have increased their premiums for companies that do this type of work, or, in some cases, have flat out refused coverage on EIFS installations.
EIFS, which is used in about 1 percent to 2 percent of the residential market, consists of a layer of Styrofoam attached to exterior plywood, followed by a fiberglass mesh with a base coat and a layer of acrylic 1/32 of an inch thick (real stucco is about 2 inches thick).
The lawsuit, certified as a class-action suit in 1996, claimed that EIFS trapped moisture within walls, causing wood structures to rot.
EIFS generally refers to an exterior siding system with four primary components:(1)
The tranche by ING Germany is covered by an EIF guarantee.
With the project carefully overseen by USDOE and ORNL engineers, the Baptist Hill High School facility was constructed utilizing a variety of EIFS on disparate walls, each of which was clad with a consistent EIFS finish to ensure that the structure remains aesthetically consistent on the exterior.
The first EIFS home I looked at was a total loss," says Golden.