EIGEEuropean Institute for Gender Equality (Vilnius, Lithuania)
EIGEEidgenössisches Institut Für Geistiges Eigentum (Swiss institute for intellectual property)
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FOR GENDER EQUALITY [hereinafter EIGE, CASM], http://eige.
See EIGE, CASM, supra note 92 (stating that "Weil-Curiel .
The European Institute for Gender Equality (EIGE) envisages awarding a low-value contract for provision of public relations services that would support Communication Team in performing institutional communication and building-up the overall visibility of EIGE.
The contract aims at obtaining external professional expertise and technical assistance required by EIGE, and primarily by its Communication Team, in order to reach the goals and objectives on institutional communication, as announced in EIGE%s Communication Strategy.
The contractor will analyse EIGE s needs for the online presentation of the next version of the
CONTACT: Amy Eiges of Rogers & Cowen, 212-779-3500~