EIHEuropäisch-Iranische Handelsbank (German: European-Iranian Trade Bank)
EIHEnvironmental Institute of Houston (Houston, TX)
EIHEast India Hotels
EIHExercise Induced Headache
EIHEverything Is History (website)
EIHEntrepreneur in Heat
EIHExternal Interrupt Handler
EIHEmperor International Holdings Ltd. (Hong Kong)
EIHExeter Ice House (New Hampshire)
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We started EIH in 2013 because we saw the disconnect between engineers and clinicians as directly impacting healthcare costs and innovations," mechanical engineering (ME) professor and chair Per Reinhall recently told the university's news service.
EIH has also been providing letters of credit of between 180 and 360 days with deferred payment for business with Iran and other banking services between Iran and Europe, the spokesman said.
But under US pressure, Germany soon stopped accepting money from India for onward transfer to Hamburg-based EIH Bank, sending India to the doorstep of Turkey.
We are currently testing the method on different organs also to check the robustness of EIH for risk evaluation of radiotherapy planning.
EIH Bank maintains that all transactions were either authorised by Deutsche Bundesbank or fell within exceptions to the applicable EU legislation or conformed to the rulings and guidance of Deutsche Bundesbank and the German government.
When the EU imposed sanctions on EIH, the bank had been under close observation by the German government and was on a U.
European banks have been hesitant in acting as conduits fearing a US reaction after the EIH Bank of Germany, which facilitated payments for ACU members, came under US sanctions earlier this year.
From a pain perspective, this change in metabolism may be an important factor in understanding how and when EIH occurs.
EIH received euros for the Iranian crude only when Indian importers issued notes saying the money wouldn't be used for sanctioned goods.
Earlier this year, Germany allowed India to pay for the oil via the German bank EIH which handles international trade for Iranian companies.
However, on April 7, Germany refused to close down the EIH Bank, despite pressure from Western powers, arguing it had no proof of illegal activity.
The German government had said it was powerless to stop the deal because EIH, also known as EIHB, was not subject to sanctions because the bank was not involved in financing Iran s controversial nuclear activities.