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EIJEgyptian Islamic Jihad
EIJÉcole d'Improvisation Jazz (French: Jazz Improvisation School)
EIJEritrean Islamic Jihad (Eritrea)
EIJEarth Island Journal (San Francisco, California)
EIJEspace Information Jeunesse (French: Area Youth Information)
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According to former al-Qa'ida trainer Ali Mohamed, the Iranians granted al-Zawahiri's request and began training EIJ members in both Iran and Sudan, while also providing $2 million in financial support.
But what Robertson prefers to talk about is his company EIJ (named after his three sons), which is putting a full court press on its first consumer product, Aquavert, an eco-friendly household cleaner.
EIJ is raising an important issue connected with irregular war: the group is advocating mass resistance against an established government, and such revolution can be justified in Islam only where the ruler becomes an unbeliever through public displays of unbelief.
Should they follow the ideals of Ayman al-Zawahiri of the EIJ and Al Qaeda, to strike the "far enemy" first (e.
perception, determined that those highest in EIJ qualities (extrovert, intuitive, judgment) had the best eating habits.
The consumers with the best eating habits were those with EIJ qualities, as they ate the smallest amount of fat with the highest intake of grain, fruit and dairy servings.
Al-' Adl gleaned certain lessons from his time in EIJ, shaping his strategic outlook.
Our Summer 2014 cover story ("Highly Flammable," by EIJ contributing editor Adam Federman) reported on the risks posed by shipping huge amounts of oil by rail.
GOSLING Membership Director YVETTE HASH Administrative Director SUSAN KAMPRATH Project Support Director ARIANA KATOVICH Director of Restoration Initiatives ERIN PALMERSTON Office Manager ELLEN MANCHESTER Development Associate JASON MARK Editor, EIJ LILIAS PETTIT-SCOTT Programs Associate AMY WESTERVELT Managing Editor, EIJ CLAUDIA WEST HR Coordinator Board of Directors MARTHA DAVIS President KENNETH BROWER Vice President MICHAEL HATHAWAY Vice President JENNIFER SNYDER Secretary ALEX GIEDT Treasurer JOSH FLOUM BARBARA BROWER JOHN DE GRAAF WILL GREEN ROBERT WILKINSON Unless listed otherwise, project address is c/o Earth Island Institute 2150 Allston Way, Suite 460 Berkeley, CA 94704 phone (510) 859-9100 See www.
The helicopter poaching incident reported by The Altai Project in the Spring issue of EIJ became the subject of a federal criminal investigation on May 4.
EIJ Editor Emeritus Car Smith is co-founder of Environmentalists Against War and editor of The-Edge.
This issue of EIJ proves that things don't have to be this way.