EIMDExercise-Induced Muscle Damage
EIMDEchelon Institute of Management Development (Echelon University; Netherlands)
EIMDEuropean Institute for Managing Diversity
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This study investigated the development of EIMD following damaging exercises for the hamstrings.
A number of studies have observed that EIMD causes a prolonged reduction in vertical jump height (Byrne and Eston, 2002; Horita et al.
Some previous studies have shown changes in the force sense following EIMD (35; 38), however, the results of this study are not in line with this.
No effects of EIMD on the unilateral quiet stance were shown in this study.
Specifically, Starbuck and Eston (2012) provided evidence that the neural adaptations mediate the protection against EIMD in the contra lateral arm.
A limitation of the present study is that changes in muscle strength and range of motion (two other accepted EIMD markers) were not measured and future studies should include these variables.
These findings add to a growing body of literature that demonstrates cryotherapy to be an ineffective strategy when recovering from EIMD (Howatson and van Someren, 2003; Howatson et al.
Intracellular release of CK has been used as an indirect marker of EIMD for many years (Manfredi et al.
Our results show that the cryotherapy administered did not attenuate any markers of EIMD or enhance the recovery of function.
In order to evaluate the relationship between indirect symptoms of EIMD Pearson correlation coefficient was established.
1998) have found a decrease in the mouse muscle force during the first three days after EIMD not to be associated with decreases in the amount of contractile protein, since protein degradation started two days later.
Opinions presented above show that there is no generally accepted conclusion in what way EIMD affects voluntary evoked muscle performance depending on muscle contraction type regardless of our research data that show the time-course of voluntary evoked muscle performance to be contraction type dependent.