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EIOEmergency Information Officer (Canada)
EIOExecute Invalid Opcode
EIOEnhanced Input Output
EIOError Input Output
EIOExtreme Input Output
EIOExecutive Informational Overview
EIOEnhanced Input/Output
EIOEnterprise Inventory Optimization (software)
EIOEvermore Integrated Office
EIOElectronic in Out (software)
EIOExtended Interaction Oscillator
EIOEquipment Inventory Office
EIOElectronic Insurance Office
EIOEvent Input Output
EIOElectronics Industry Outlook
EIOEuropean International Orientation
EIOEnsemble Instrumental de l'Ouest (French: Instrumental Ensemble of West)
EIOEthernet Input/Output (networks)
EIOEnvironmental Investment Organisation (UK)
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The influence of the warmth in the EIO SSTs was estimated by comparing the likelihood of wet JAS periods like 2016 (same threshold as previously) in seasons of above- and below-average detrended EIO SST anomalies in the current world ensemble (200626 in RCP8.
Here, we focus on the ways in which climate variability affects oceanographic conditions and catch rates of Bigeye Tuna in the EIO off Java.
Table 1 shows that EIO for education indicators at all levels remained below 1 for the time period 1998-2008 confirming inequitable distribution of education opportunities.
The resulting EIO matrix has presently been estimated for developed nations and many industrializing economies.
The Color LaserJet 4500N printer includes 64MB RAM, an EIO, 10/100base TX JetDirect 600N internal print server for an estimated street price of $2,950.
The type VKB 2445S2 EIO source produces 94 GHz of RF pulses with 300 ns pulse width and 1 kW peak power.
The report emphasises that while countries such as Finland, Denmark, and Sweden are ranked as EU leaders in eco-innovation in the EIO scoreboard, they are not necessarily the best performers when it comes to environmental outcomes.
Most of the women in the EIO group reported feeling some degree of self-consciousness when exercising in public places, with about 20 percent reporting they could not control their experience.
Object and technical planning for engineering structures, including structural engineering and adaptation plans for traffic installations, OLA, EIO, LST and PBXs.
WINNIPEG, Manitoba-Something more than upscale and less than ultra-premium is how EIO North America is positioning the German vacuum cleaners it plans to introduce in the fall.