EIPCÉcole d'Ingénieurs du Pas-de-Calais (French: Engineering School of Pas-de-Calais; Pas-de-Calais, France)
EIPCEuropean Institute of Printed Circuits
EIPCEnhanced International Peacekeeping Capabilities (US State Department)
EIPCEuropean Investment Performance Committee (Investment Performance Council)
EIPCEgyptian International Programming Center (website)
EIPCEffective Instructions Per Cycle
EIPCEuropean Interactive Pain Course
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Ben Fricke joins the EIPC from Yum Restaurants International.
Hofmann is a long-standing EIPC member and is to be congratulated for his highly informative and important contribution to the World Convention technical programme.
In India's case, $500K worth of EIPC funding has been used to purchase equipment (computers, radios, simulation software, video cameras, DVC facilities, etc.
Unlike most IMET courses which focus on training individuals for specific skills or more general professional military education, EIPC has a narrowly defined audience: peacekeeping trainers, educators, and policy officers.
I'm sure the committee is well aware of ACOTA, the Enhanced International Peacekeeping Capabilities program, EIPC.
EIPC provided assistance to selected countries--some 31 as of early 2005--by designing and implementing a comprehensive, country-specific peacekeeping and humanitarian assistance training and education program to enhance a nation's institutional structure to train and deploy peacekeepers.