EIPPElectronic Invoice Presentment and Payment
EIPPElectronic Invoice Payment and Presentment
EIPPEarly Intervention Partnerships Program (Massachusetts Department of Public Health)
EIPPEvidence-Informed Policy and Practice (management)
EIPPEarly Intervention and Prevention Program (family violence protection)
EIPPEarly Intervention Parenting Project (Australia)
EIPPEMBL (European Molecular Biology Laboratory) International PhD Programme (est. 1983)
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The survey reveals that of the 267 respondents, 28% are presently using EIPP.
Because EIPP allows companies to process invoices from suppliers electronically and handle electronic payments on the back end, they no longer have to struggle with manual, paper-based payment processing.
EIPP originally was built to automate offline commerce from the invoice presentment stage onward, but when e-commerce took off with settlement conspicuously missing, EIPP providers rushed to fill the void since their solution generally would work with either an online or offline front end.
The best way to understand how EIPP can impact an organization is to go through a simple example.
The EIPP guidelines were developed and finalized at the most recent meeting of the SAB, a bi-annual gathering comprised of executives from many of the leading ocean carriers and freight forwarders, which meet to discuss and tackle the top standards issues facing EIPP, and decide on next strategic steps.
The buyer-focused EIPP solution complements existing electronic data interchange (EDI) or enterprise resource planning (ERP) investments, offering companies a means to not only receive invoices electronically, but also to facilitate dispute resolution and provide suppliers with a self-service view into the status of their invoices and payments.