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EIPREgyptian Initiative for Personal Rights (Cairo, Egypt; est. 2002)
EIPREuropean Intellectual Property Review (est. 1978; journal)
EIPRExternal Interrupt Pending Register (computing)
EIPREnforcers of Intellectual Property Rights (India)
EIPREffective Isotropic Radiated Power
EIPREnhanced In-Process Review
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EIPR said that the investigations and case papers did not include any information to prove that the defendants were in Libya.
The study showed that the EIPR traced at least 74 cases of sectarian assaults on Copts between 2011 and 2016 that mainly related to churches construction.
The EIPR said that police officers and Interior Ministry forces have not been charged over the course of the past five years, despite killing and injuring hundreds.
EIPR researcher Ayman Sabae explained during the conference that Egypt is an attractive spot for clinical tests owing its large number of hospitals, especially university hospitals for research purposes, as well as its number of scientific experts.
EIPR, ANHRI, and other organisations involved have a track record in advancing conditions of human and personal rights locally.
EIPR reported that the house owner had sought reconciliation with the town's Muslim families, but that it did not stop the attack.
EIPR suggested that the ideal solution would be to grant citizens the freedom to decide whether they want to include their religion on their IDs or not.
All those procedures are an organised attack from the government against civil society organisations in their fight for human rights," EIPR said in an official statement on Thursday.
The state has commonly resolved to hold customary reconciliation sessions, which EIPR claimed only helped tofeed tension.
Responding to the misinterpretation of the penal code by judges and dependence on extenuating circumstances to violate the determined duration of remand, the EIPR has called on the government to deliver a request to the Constitutional Court to ensure the proper implementation of article, closing all loopholes.
Were you the only member of the EIPR who was summoned for investigations?
EIPR called on the prison administration to allow families to visit their relatives twice a month for 60 minutes, in accordance the visiting protocols delineated by law, and to offer decent waiting areas.