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EISCEdison Industrial Systems Center
EISCEuropean Interparliamentary Space Conference
EISCExtendable Instruction Set Computer
EISCEgyptian International Shipping Company
EISCEntrepreneurship and Internationalisation Subcommittee (Singapore)
EISCEnvironmental Impact Statement Contractor
EISCEVA Internal Stowage Compartment(s)
EISCExperimental Imaging Sciences Committee (American College of Radiology Imaging Network)
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The question of the appropriate value for the EISC is highly controversial.
cost estimates implied by specifications with EISC values equal to the Attanasio-Weber and Kandel-Stambaugh estimates.
Pennsylvania's policy initiatives to foster the IT industry have resulted in a highly fertile semiconductor community that includes a number of potential strategic partners and end users of the EISC technology.
Furthermore, I am especially pleased with the Governor's Action Team's support that will be invaluable in helping ADCUS to hire quality professionals dedicated to making the EISC technology a world-class MCU standard.
ObjectSpace's Enterprise Solutions team and our understanding of advanced computing solutions and other leading technologies such as Java(tm) will be key to our role within the EISC," said David Norris, president, chief executive officer and co-founder of ObjectSpace.
Through its membership in the EISC, Visual Edge will be able to 1) enable businesses to better understand the range and impact of available integration strategies; and 2) help educate companies about the core business benefits of Enterprise Integration, such as increased ROI and improved flexibility and responsiveness.
The newly-formed EISC is working towards establishing a common definition of enterprise integration, defining standards and a common framework for understanding enterprise integration products, and establishing the essential elements of an enterprise integration methodology -- thereby enabling customers, vendors, and system integrators to work together while simultaneously maintaining differentiation.
BEA has joined with other EAI vendors, systems integrators, and customers in the EISC efforts to help shape important EAI standards based on real-world customer experiences, establish common definitions and consistent terminology, help the industry gain a clear understanding of the EAI business value proposition, clarify EAI issues for customers, and establish standard methodologies.
The EISC provides a forum for industry leaders to come together and discuss the standardization for integration inside the enterprise and across multiple enterprises.
EISC is pleased to have market leader Forte Software join us in establishing the essential elements of an enterprise integration methodology," said JP Morgenthal, vice-chairman and chief architect for EISC and president of NC.
By joining EISC, Sybase can continue to complement its enterprise integration strategy and share its knowledge and experience with other members," said David McGoveran, founder and chairman, EISC and president of Alternative Technologies.
We're pleased to be a founding member of the EISC to drive the development of these standards.