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EISEEisenhower National Historic Site (US National Park Service)
EISEExtendable Integration Support Environment
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I arrived home early in 2011 and have since then been performing with our band called Suzy Eises and the Jazz Band.
Jazz singer Suzie Eises and the Clive Willemse Production group performed Christmas songs at the event.
The full list of players who will be part of the tour is as follows: Emma Naris (Concordia HS), Lovisa Mulunga (Academia HS), Lena Noroses (Jan Mohr HS), Albertha Dawes (Eldorado HS), Vitapamwe Kamahene (Augustineum HS), Vewewiza Kotjipati (JS Academy),Carmel Don (WHK Gymnasium), Zenatha Coleman (JS Academy), Kleintjie Fredericks (Okahandja Beauties), Juliana Skrywer (Okahandja Beauties), Shirley Cloete (Okahandja Beauties), Tomalina Adams (Okahandja Beauties), Stacey Naris (Okahandja Beauties), Marele Polster (Okahandja Beauties), Ndapewa Katuta (Js Academy),Susanna Eises (Okahandja Beauties), Monique Khrone (Rehoboth Queens FC), Lorraine Jossop (Khomas HS), Elmarie Fredericks (Okahandja Beauties), Rejoice Kasaona (Okahandja Beauties) and Novata Paulus (Js Academy).