EJNEurope Jazz Network (est. 1987)
EJNEuropean Judicial Network (EU)
EJNExiled Journalists' Network (University of the West of England; Bristol, England, UK)
EJNEuropean Journal of Neuroscience
EJNEconomic Justice Network (South Africa)
EJNEuropees Justitieel Netwerk (Dutch: European Judicial Network)
EJNEqual Justice Network
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We are excited at the value the EJN network will offer our customers," says Brian Crotty, President, OPIS.
Individuals can search for jobs in the EJN database, which contains energy sector jobs postings from across North America.
EJN offers a vertical market network approach designed for the energy industry that gives the employer qualified applicants from multiple job board sites.
The new AXB 250 06 GGSN, developed by EJN Mobile IP with the working name J20, and exclusively sold by Ericsson, is based on the Juniper Networks M20 Internet router and Ericsson GGSN application.
EJN Mobile IP develops the AXB GGSN product family that is sold exclusively by Ericsson as part of their 2.
The phase II results published in the EJN demonstrated significant evidence of this "tolerance" effect, as HLA-DR2 and HLA-DR4 patients not only responded clinically to MBP8298, but they also had their antibodies to Myelin Basic Protein suppressed during the course of their treatment.
EJN only targets the energy industry and we deliver candidates with energy industry experience.