EJREuropean Journal of Radiology
EJREast Japan Railway Company (Japan)
EJREuropean Junior Record (various sports)
EJREast Jersey Railroad & Terminal Company
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Johnson (2004) is the first to show a lead effect in terms of EJR around the investment grade against S&P, whereas Beaver, Shakespeare, and Soliman (2006) establish a lead effect for EJR against Moody's.
Even though S&P covers almost the entire ExecuComp sample, EJR rates on demand, the matched sample between the two rating companies decreases dramatically.
Time series monthly ratings are constructed for those companies in the EJR sample that have more than one rating action.
We present descriptive statistics of the insurance DRRs released by S&P and EJR over time, as well as the time series evolution of DD.
Donor age Tobacco Cells (a) (years) Sex Race use Alcohol use Substance abuse AOK 47 M C Y N N CEC 48 M C Y Y Y DAD 62 M C Y Y N IOE 79 M C Y Y N KTG 59 M C Y Y N ZAG 59 M C Y Y N CHD 72 F AA N N N EJR 56 F C N N N HL10 42 M AA Y Y Y HL6 48 F C N N N HL7 55 F C N N N HL8 56 M C Y Y N HL12 0.
But because EJR is so quick to change, its ratings fluctuate far more than Moody's ratings -- something that can actually be costly for institutional investors.
CVS has leased the parcel from EJR Real Estate Trust.
Our two business combinations this quarter, EJR Computer Associates, Inc.
CIBER") (NYSE:CBR) announced today the closing of the merger with EJR Computer Associates, Inc.
Rosenzweig, President, EJR brings to CIBER a solid client base comprised of Fortune 500 companies, including many leading financial institutions and pharmaceutical firms, in the New York and New Jersey markets," stated Mac Slingerlend, CIBER's President and Chief Executive Officer.
The $23 million debt issue is listed under the ticker symbol EJR and will mature on May 31, 2002.
For further information on EJR, please contact the Capital Markets Group at the American Stock Exchange at (212) 306-1659.