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EJTEnfants et Jeunes Travailleurs (French: Children and Young Workers)
EJTEuropäischer Jugendtag (German: European Youth Day; New Apostolic Church; Germany)
EJTErik Jenss Trading (Escheburg, Germany)
EJTEuropean Journal of Trauma (European Trauma Society; Budapest, Hungary)
EJTElectronic Training Jacket
EJTExtended Joint Test
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As illustrated in Table 3, there were significant changes seen in EJT, TPR and ZaO (p<0.
1,2,9,10] The improvements in HR, SV, CO and EJT in this study indicate improved cardiac efficiency and are consistent with other studies conducted in young, healthy subjects.
Volume of gel fraction (VGF) SPC TSEJ LVS ABS SpH and EJT were similar for both genotypes.
The other four schools are private: CFJ Paris, ESJ of Lille, IPJ of Paris and EJT of Toulouse.
Additional useful features of this dictionary include an abbreviations appendix where one can discover the meanings of AFIDA, EJT, HHI, LUST, PIG, and SAIF, to name a few obscure acronyms.