EJTAGEnhanced JTAG (MIPS processors)
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FS2 System Navigator tools provide best-in-class performance analysis and debug capabilities for 74K-based designs by giving customers full access to the debug features of MIPS([R]) EJTAG, and allowing them to leverage the advanced out-of-order instruction processing, enhanced DSP capabilities and CorExtend[TM] user-defined instructions in the 74K cores.
The System Navigator EJTAG probe can sample the processor PC register at extremely high data rates without impacting the real-time operation of the processor, rapidly profiling large amounts of code.
Core-centric debug features like EJTAG and PDtrace are just part of the FS2 portfolio of system-level debug solutions.
EJTAG vendors that will support the TX4939XBG-400 include Yokogawa Digital Computer, Kyoto Microcomputer Company, Wind River, Inc.
It connects to the target system using the standard EJTAG 14-pin connector for on-chip trace or a 38-pin Mictor connector for off-chip trace capture.
5V Core TX99/H4 core with MIPS64-compliant instruction set Dual-issue, 7-stage superscalar pipeline architecture On-chip IEEE754-compliant single/double precision floating point processing unit On-chip debugging support unit with EJTAG interface Maximum Operating Frequency Internal: 533MHz/ 666MHz External: 133MHz Built-in Cache Memory Internal cache: 32Kbyte, 4-way set associative Data cache: 32Kbyte, 4-way set associative Unified Level 2 cache: 256Kbyte Memory Management Unit 48-double entry JTLB and 8-entry Data TLB Power Saving Modes RP (Reduced Frequency) mode, Sleep mode External Bus Interface 64-bit SysAD bus that also supports 32-bit bus mode Package 272-pin lead-free plastic BGA with 16-pin thermal balls 27mm x 27mm, 1.
For development and programming purposes, an EJTAG debugging interface is provided.
Nasdaq:MIPS) announced today the availability of the FS2 System Navigator(TM), a comprehensive suite of next generation EJTAG debug and trace tools for the MIPS32(R) 24K(R) cores.
The RM7900 products represent the industry's first stand-alone MIPS(TM) architecture processors with speeds in excess of 600 MHz and on-chip hardware and software debugging instruction modules, ECC and EJTAG to offer improved data reliability (see figure 1).
First Silicon Solutions and MIPS Technologies Offer Comprehensive GDB/GNU EJTAG Debug and PDTrace Solution