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EJUEuropean Judo Union (website)
EJUEuropean Journal of Ultrasound
EJUExamination for Japanese University for International Students (standardized test)
EJUEstonian Journalists' Union
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British Judo chief executive Andrew Scoular said: "Following discussions with the EJU we had cancelled the agreement with UFC to ensure we could still host the championships.
The EJU also took several steps to establish certain minimum requirements in order to qualify as a journalist, and to get legal right to licensing.
In connection with the preparation of a new law on publishing, the EJU suggested twice, in 1933 and 1938, that a regulation be included that allowed the employment as editors, sub-editors or permanent staff members only those people who had a qualification approved by the EJU.
The EJU made a survey among Estonian journalists in 1935, which revealed big differences in the employment conditions and incomes.
The EJU initiated the preparation of a Press Law that would regulate work and pay terms, lay down rules for contracts, fix the minimum rates of wages and salaries, etc.
In the same year, the EJU joined the International Federation of Journalist (Federation Internationale des Journalistes--FIJ).
In addition to professional, economic and social issues the EJU was also involved in certain political activities, particularly representing Estonian press abroad and organising international relations.
Concerning the official press policy in the 1930s, when the authorities first established censorship for several months in 1933 and in 1938 adopted a Publishing Act with numerous restrictions and bans for the press, the EJU did not have any common strategy or well-defined opposition.
We have been working with EJU since 2011 to help create a video library for coaches and athletes," said Yves Depallens, Dartfish Europe VP of Business Development.