EJVEquity Joint Venture (limited liability company established under Chinese law)
EJVExternal Jugular Vein
EJVElectronic Joint Venture (trading system)
EJVEnterprise Java Victoria (est. 2002; Australia)
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Funding was provided by the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council via a PGSA scholarship to ILP, Undergraduate Summer Research Awards to HLL and EJV, and a Discovery Grant to DS.
Studies have previously described LS with thrombosis of the carotid artery, intracranial venous sinus and abdominopelvic vessels (1); only three have ever described involvement of the EJV.
The new EJV will complete the construction of an additional 26 million gallons per day water treatment plant and associated infrastructure representing a total investment of approximately USD$42 million.
11) EJVs fell because of dissatisfaction with respect to choice of local partners, board decisions, capital formation, dividend distributions and other matters.
According to the weekly tabloid, Verbex signed a contract with EJV Brokerage Inc.
As indicated in Tables 1 and 2, equity joint ventures (EJV) were slightly less common: only Jotun, Statoil, and Wilhemsen Ships Service used EJVs in the focal countries.
In late April, Reuters Group agreed to pay $275 million for a number of Bridge assets, including Bridge Information Systems North America, EJV, which provides bond pricing and data, Bridge Trading Technologies, eBridge, an Internet unit, and CRB Index, a measure of U.
Commenting on the grant of the licence to the EJV entity, Mr.
Reuters has agreed to pay $275 million for a number of Bridge assets, including: Bridge Information Systems (BIS; North America), a producer of a range of products targeted to institutional equities traders and portfolio managers; EJV, which provides bond pricing, data and analytical services; Bridge Trading Technologies, a unit that supplies software, information and transaction services for brokers and their clients; eBridge, its Internet unit; and, CRB Index, a measure of U.
As previously announced, a letter of intent was signed in the fourth quarter of 2009 between the EJV and a large Chinese utility and chemical producer to explore ways in which the K-Fuel technology could be applied at an inland coal chemical facility currently under development.
Under the Master Agreement, the EJV will supply to Sino-Forest's subsidiary an aggregate annual volume of at least 1.