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EJWEvangelisches Jugendwerk in Württemberg (German: Protestant Youth Work in Württemberg; Württemberg, Germany)
EJWEqual Justice Works (formerly National Association for Public Interest Law)
EJWEcon Journal Watch (American Institute for Economic Research)
EJWEuropean Journal of Women (international women's studies publication )
EJWElijah Jordan Wood (actor)
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For my part, I see EJW as a project in developing and expressing the character of the spontaneous-order economist, and in criticizing rival characters of economists.
Gardeniers HJGE, Luttge R, Berenschot EJW, de Boer MJ, Yeshurun SY, Hefetz M, et al.
This is our legal services community at its best: a very needy client, a local legal aid attorney, an expert attorney from a statewide legal aid program, a new EJW attorney, and a pro bono private attorney," said Florida Legal Services Executive Director Kent Spuhler.
A lot of these clients were burned so badly they required extensive medical treatment," said Capobianco, whose two-year EJW fellowship at Florida Institutional Legal Services (FILS) was funded by The Florida Bar Foundation with support from the Advocacy Center (now Disability Rights Florida).
Verwey EJW, Overbeek JThG (1948) 'Theory of the stability of lyophobie colloids.
In addition to addressing the civil legal needs of the poor in Florida, the EJW Fellowship Program enriches Florida's legal assistance community through the enthusiasm of individual Fellows, who renew and enliven a host program's legal advocacy.
One EJW fellow, Ariel Patterson, will begin working at Jacksonville Area Legal Aid in the fall on that city's predatory lending crisis.
Visser EJW, Colmer TD, Blom CW, Voesenek LA (2000) Changes in growth, porosity and radial oxygen loss from adventitious roots of selected mono- and dicotyledonous wetland species with contrasting types of aerenchyma.
To date, Greenberg has contributed more than $3 million to funding the highly competitive EJW fellowships.