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EKBEurópai Központi Bank (Hungarian: European Central Bank)
EKBEdgeworth-Kuiper Belt
EKBEnterprise Knowledge Base (data management)
EKBEast Kentucky Broadcasting (radio; Pikeville, KY)
EKBEchostar Knowledge Base (informational website)
EKBEmployment Knowledge Base
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Stringent GSM-R specifications and equipment guidelines enable railways globally to setup multivendor systems such as the one now fully integrated for the EKB High Speed line.
The EKB High Speed line consists of a large number of network elements, chosen from various vendors for their special designs that perfectly fit the needs of the project.
With a flexible, modular and integrated approach to data search and experimentation management, EKB overcomes the failures of poorly architected legacy R&D informatics systems that have not kept pace with today's fast-changing business environments and the large amounts of complex data generated.
EKB model is primarily divided into information input & processing, decision variables (internal and external) and decision process, of which the decision process is the focus of research, and the others are influential factors in the decision process.
To reverse this trend, Accelrys' EKB turns siloed data into actionable scientific knowledge, accelerating the development of innovative performance materials that are environmentally and economically sustainable.
Citibank acquired EKB from Bank Austria and Cariplo, an Italian bank.
Data collection of data on which to base the records and statistics on index of financial aid, EKB.
Ground Class III, DIN 3475, Corrosion protection: Minimum requirements: Inside and outside EKB be-layered, PN 10 for drinking water according to DIN EN 1074-1 + 2: epoxy resin (Resicoat R4ES HJF 29R or 01R Resicoat R4ES HJF Akzo Nobel) or equivalent.