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ELABEnvironmental Laboratory Advisory Board (US EPA)
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Information on INSEAD eLab, including other research reports, can be found at insead.
INSEAD -- eLab to outline Middle East implications of skills & innovation study findings
Elab, located in the Free Zones of Alexandria, is specialized in the production of alkyl benzene, which is the raw material to produce industrial cleansings.
Maintaining a motivated and talented staff while striving to meet regulatory guidelines efficiently are key focuses of the Elab facility, according to Rachmaninoff.
To learn more about how the Dater Foundation used GIFTS Online to put their focus back on giving, sign up for an upcoming eLab to hear their story.
The donation includes licenses of Waters[R] Empower[TM] 2 Software, Waters NuGenesis[R] SDMS Software and Waters eLab Notebook[TM] Software, key components of the company's Laboratory Informatics suite.
Contract awarded for Service Elab Removable Denture Acrylic
INSEAD's eLab, a management knowledge and thought leadership initiative focusing on the digital economy, plays a vital role towards the development of this report.
The eLab Notebook software is for scientists keeping paper notebooks to record scientific information, It is also for multinational organizations and their IT professionals intent on protecting intellectual property, improving organizational efficiency, ensuring adherence to good lab notebook practices, and cutting time-to-market by allowing scientists ready access to more of the work done by colleagues.
Our latest series of Analog eLab videocasts will demonstrate innovative design techniques and products to help simplify and improve motor control systems," said Steve Parks, vice president of worldwide analog marketing at Texas Instruments.
This new Analog eLab[TM] Videocast series features engineering subject matter experts from Avnet, TI and Xilinx discussing a myriad of design topics, in a round-robin format, and utilizing TI's eLab videocast format.
NYSE:ARW) and Texas Instruments (TI) announce a new series of Analog eLab videocasts on solid-state lighting.