ELACEast Los Angeles College
ELACEnglish Learner Advisory Committee (California State Board of Education)
ELACEconomic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean
ELACElevator and Aileron Computer (Airbus A320)
ELACExtraneous Logical and in Expression Used as Branch Condition (software fault)
ELACEnglish Language Learners Advisory Committees
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Delivery of underwater telephony systems ELAC UT 3000 for 4 submarines of class U212A and Ubootuntersttzungseinheit class 404 (FGS MAIN).
Content validity of the ELAC survey was assessed by having 15 faculty members evaluate the survey (Oermann et al.
ELAC (Estrategia Local de Accion Climatica) (2007), Estrategia Local de Accion Climatica, 2006, Mexico, Secretaria de Medio Ambiente, Gobierno del Distrito Federal.
Last but not least, we review the experience of the first two eLAC action plans, which used the cube throughout all three phases of policy making: planning and identifying priorities, coordinating actors, and monitoring and evaluating.
The raffle for Christmas treats and the "Donate to Read a Book" fundraiser for the U ELAC Scholarship fund generated energy and good feelings among those present.
Como ya se menciono, el segundo dialogo tuvo lugar en el contexto de la Tercera Conferencia Ministerial sobre la Sociedad de la Informacion de America Latina y el Caribe, una reunion de gran interes para la region ya que, mediante la llamada <<Declaracion de Lima>>, aprobo el plan ELAC 2015.
ELAC, located at the Exhibition Avenue, was set up in June this year to provide assistance to people in need, particularly low-income workers.
It was later formally launched during an event at ELAC office on Exhibition Avenue, which was attended by Indian Embassy officials.
It's deja vu all over again, except when I was a student at ELAC there was no tuition and textbooks were cheap.
Checks by the pilot showed that the Elevator Aileron Computer (ELAC) 1 system had malfunctioned, which resulted in the ELAC 2 system taking over control of the ailerons.
This guide is intended as a resource for ELAC and California policymakers, to help them navigate the state's numerous early learning and development programs and services, and range of available funding streams.