ELAWEnvironmental Law Alliance Worldwide
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The ELAW shows will enable attendees to follow local business trends, discuss vital industry issues, build and/or expand their market share, launch new products, and align their offerings with Saudi Arabia's long-term infrastructure development plans.
ELAW fellows come here from the world's most environmentally challenged communities.
Right now, ELAW partners in South Africa are developing legal strategies to stop the rampant spread of coal mining in the province of Mpumalanga, which is the source of a large proportion of South Africa's fresh water and is where almost half of the country's most productive agricultural land is situated.
Neighbors lounging on the Vero Espresso House veranda or motoring along Pearl on their way south have gotten curious, said Bern Johnson, ELAW executive director.
ELAW fellows from Mexico, Honduras, the Dominican Republic, Slovakia and other nations have toured the first stop for our local trash - the Glenwood Transfer Station.
ELAW partners in India are challenging a proposal to construct a nuclear power plant on the coast in Maharashtra State.
Environmental Law Alliance Worldwide: More than 300 public interest advocates from 70 countries comprise the ELAW network; www.
ELAW has an annual meeting where members, called amigos, can meet each other, get to know each other better and enhance their working relationship.
ELAW helps far-flung environmental lawyers share ideas, science and strategies as they work to protect the environment.
ELAW is partnering with the Alliance for Renewable Energy to promote strong REP policies in North America.
The elaws Advisors are one of a number of compliance assistance tools developed to further DOL's dedication to provide clear, accurate and easy-to-access assistance for employers, and protect the wages, health benefits, retirement security, safety and health of America's workforce.
gov/compliance, features an interactive section called elaws (employment laws assistance for workers & small businesses) that can simulate an interaction between a user and an employment law expert.