ELAWEnvironmental Law Alliance Worldwide
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Neighbors lounging on the Vero Espresso House veranda or motoring along Pearl on their way south have gotten curious, said Bern Johnson, ELAW executive director.
We've already had people stopping in saying, 'We've seen your sign; tell me about ELAW,'" he said.
The ELAW shows will enable attendees to follow local business trends, discuss vital industry issues, build and/or expand their market share, launch new products, and align their offerings with Saudi Arabia's long-term infrastructure development plans.
ELAW fellows from Mexico, Honduras, the Dominican Republic, Slovakia and other nations have toured the first stop for our local trash - the Glenwood Transfer Station.
Filipino attorney Ron Gutierrez called on ELAW staff scientist Mark Chernaik to review the plans for the Obando landfill.
ELAW partners in India are challenging a proposal to construct a nuclear power plant on the coast in Maharashtra State.
There is also cause for hope in Ukraine, where ELAW Partner Olena Kravchenko serves as executive director at Environment-People-Law, a public interest environmental organization based in Lviv.
Environmental Law Alliance Worldwide: More than 300 public interest advocates from 70 countries comprise the ELAW network; www.
ELAW has an annual meeting where members, called amigos, can meet each other, get to know each other better and enhance their working relationship.
The cooking can add so much stress that ELAW staff considered having the whole event catered, says ELAW's communications director Maggie Keenan.
ELAW helps far-flung environmental lawyers share ideas, science and strategies as they work to protect the environment.