ELBEl Paso (Amtrak bus station code; El Paso, TX)
ELBEffective Lower Bound (interest rate policy)
ELBEducation and Library Board (UK)
ELBElastic Load Balancing (Amazon Web Services LLC)
ELBÉtranges Libellules (French video game company)
ELBEmergency Locator Beacon (tracking transmitters)
ELBEuro Languedoc Bureautique (French printing company)
ELBElectric Bass (music)
ELBExtending the Littoral Battlespace
ELBEric Lee Band (band)
ELBEnglish Language Bookshop (Brighton, UK)
ELBEstonian Land Board
ELBExtended Long Busy
ELBEarth Leakage Breaker
ELBEntreprise Lochard-Beaucé (French excavation and public works company)
ELBExtended Leave Bank (employee leave benefit)
ELBEnglish Long Bow
ELBElectronic Log Book
ELBEmmett L Brown (Back To The Future movie character)
ELBEnhancing Local Benefits (IFC Extractive Industries Program)
ELBEcholucent Band (ultrasound)
ELBEast London Brass (UK)
ELBEthernet Load Balancing
ELBEl Loco Brass (music)
ELBExpos Le Basebol (Montreal Expos Baseball Team)
ELBExtension Level Billing
ELBEquipment Log Book
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I first comment on Kiley and Roberts's quantitative assessment of the frequency, duration, and severity of ELB episodes (by which I mean periods when the policy interest rate is at or very close to its ELB).
To assess the impact of ELB surveillance on outbreak detection, we determined the proportion of outbreaks identified by ELB surveillance.
Marine Corps conducted the Major System Demonstration II (MSD II) in June 2001, culminating the second phase of ELB ACTD.
The Harris/BAE SYSTEMS team is extremely pleased to showcase its collective TCDL expertise and commitment in supporting the ongoing ELB exercise, which will help determine the future of Navy communications," said Bob Henry, president, Harris Government Communications Systems Division (GCSD).
ELB Engineering Services, which has been selected to provide theE EPC services by Black Mountain Mining (BMM), an arm of LSE-listed diversified miner Vedanta Resources, will offer construction services for the process, power and water plants at the Gamsberg zinc project in the Northern Cape province of South Africa.
fourth, our simulation results suggest that the adverse effects on economic and price stability associated with the ELB may be substantial at inflation targets near 2 percent if the equilibrium real interest rate is low and monetary policy follows a traditional approach.
The license agreement covers 40 countries in sub-Saharan and Southern Africa, where ELB does business.
a world leader in bulk material handling systems and thermal processing equipment, today announced the signing of an exclusive license agreement with ELB Engineering Services (Pty) Ltd.
The ELB scale consisted of a 6-item self-report measure to assess surface acting and deep acting, modified from Brotheridge and Lee (2003).
Through the use of the ELB, which consists of a technical logbook and a cabin logbook, the airline can log in a fault and the system automatically identifies the maintenance actions required to resolve the problem.
Consulting--Library Automation Systems: internet filtering AWE Cibbarelli's ELB Internet Services, Inc.
The ELB organizes and hosts professional mentoring, social, and fund raising events.