ELCCEarly Learning and Child Care (Canada)
ELCCEducational Leadership Constituent Council (Reston, VA)
ELCCEarly Learning and Care Centre (Australia)
ELCCeffective load carrying capacity
ELCCEnchanted Lens Camera Club (Albuquerque, NM)
ELCCEnvironmental Life Cycle Costing
ELCCeLearning Consortium of Colorado (est. 1986)
ELCCEarly Learning Computer Centers
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It received a capital grant from the ELCC community-based building fund.
In addition to her ELCC role, she serves as a senior case technician for the Nashua Welfare Department.
The GGSL has agreed to collaborate with the ELCC Project to run a pilot program in Scotland.
119) One of these methods calculates the capacity factor of the wind farm over the top 10 to 20% of load hours and using this as an approximation for the ELCC.
Like the ALC, the ELCC Review Group protested the absence of reference to "original sin" in the opening confession.
Educational leaders may begin the transition through critical evaluation of the ELCC Standards and by tailoring the standards to address diverse student populations.
The scale created by McCollum, Kajs, and Minter (2006) was based on the ELCC national standards.
Each section of the book takes one of the ELCC Standards as its major theme.
While the ILCW included a representative from the ELCC, that body was not represented on any of the hymn committees.
In 2009, the ELCC released the Enea Linux Project Framework, a lightweight Linux development and configuration environment designed to jumpstart Linux projects.
Both presentations will feature in the ELCC press programme on Thursday 14 April.
ABS Intelligence: Market Highlights Some of this capacity will have a low capacity credit or ELCC (effective load carrying capability), which means that it will not displace conventional fossil-fuel or nuclear plant on a one for one basis per megawatt.