ELCIEnvironment Liaison Centre International (Nairobi, Kenya)
ELCIEmployers' Liability Compulsory Insurance (United Kingdom)
ELCIEvangelical Lutheran Church of Iceland
ELCIEquipment Leakage Circuit Interrupter
ELCIEnglish Language & Culture Institute (Birmingham, AL)
ELCIEmpowering Life Church International (Bedford, TX)
ELCIEuropean Language Centre of Ireland (training)
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At times we also visit different places, especially places where an ELCI member used to live or wants to go back to her old neighborhood and share some of our programs and blessings.
For example, employers are primary stakeholders under ELCI and WCBs, but secondary under IIDB (see panel 1).
In 2002 ELCI came under intense pressure as employers protested about a steep rise in premiums.
Insurers were keen to remove "long tail" industrial diseases from ELCI and cut its legal costs.
Insurers control all statistics on claims made under ELCI and don't have to disclose them, so it's impossible to determine the total costs by type of accident or industry in the UK.
will always look forward for every opportunity whereby the contribution of the foreigners, may it be an individual or a company, bring BIG smiles on those little faces handed to them by the happy and cheerful faces of the ELCI ladies.
ELCI may be a legal requirement for employers but insurers are not obliged to provide it and there is little incentive to do so.
The FSB is advising businesses without ELCI to cease trading immediately, but anec-dotal evidence suggests that some owners cannot face telling staff that, despite vigorous order books and hard-won contracts, they have to close a well-established business.
In the place left by Tahir Elci, thousands more Tahir Elcis will carry on the work in the struggle for law and justice," the party said in a written statement, which also called on people to "raise their voices" to protest the killing.