ELEXNaval Electronic Systems Command
ELEXElectronics Exercise
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The Coast Guard separated its ELEX HLAs into two types of systems: operational and support.
Support HLAs (also called "non-fielded systems") are ELEX systems that support operational assets.
The Coast Guard performs extensive maintenance on its ELEX HLAs.
Once the Coast Guard determined how ELEX HLAs would be categorized, valued, and recorded, we had to adjust existing ELEX assets In conformance with the new accounting treatment.
Upon completion of remediation documentation for all existing ELEX HLAs, Coast Guard Headquarters provided all the documentation to the Coast Guard Finance Center (FINCEN).
Under the current construct, the majority of the responsibilities for the ELEX HLAs fall under the Accountable Property Officer that reports to the HLA Owner and the PLMs assigned to oversee the ELEX HLA system.
The ELEX Group specializes in providing complete lease financing solutions through web-based technology.
Since 1974, ELEX has provided capital equipment financing to companies in all industries across the continental United States.