ELF-EMFExtremely Low Frequency Electric and Magnetic Fields
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Table (1) The parameter of ELF-EMF treatment system Generator.
The Number of MPN/100ml decreases only 1% with 2 hours ELF-EMF exposure as shown in Fig (3).
coli count discrepancies noted IDEXX Colilert-18(r) for vertical column of ELF-EMF.
coli count discrepancies noted IDEXX Colilert-18(r) for horizontal column of ELF-EMF.
In this issue, Gang Chen of the Department of Pediatrics and Human Development at Michigan State University and colleagues used an experimental model developed to test cancer-promoting chemicals to examine whether ELF-EMFs might play a role in cancer promotion [EHP 108:967-972].
ELF-EMFs are too weak to kill cells or (most scientists agree) to cause mutations and thus initiate cancer.
What the group was testing was whether ELF-EMFs could prevent differentiation in cells that had started down the road to cancer.
While the study showed that ELF-EMFs could conceivably play a biological role in carcinogenesis, cancer-promoting chemicals require a long exposure to promote cancer, and human exposures to ELF-EMFs are hard to gauge.
If ELF-EMF contributes to cancer, then it is important to determine the stage or stages of carcinogenesis that it affects.
Assuming that ELF-EMF plays a role in the carcinogenic process but that it is not a carcinogenic initiator, it follows that ELF-EMF is likely to be involved in the promotional phase of cancer.
Our results support the hypothesis that ELF-EMF acts as a tumor-promoting agent in mimicking the tumor promoter TPA by inhibiting DMSO and HMBA-induced Friend erythroleukemia cell differentiation and by stimulating cell proliferation.
9 m from the incubator to minimize the ELF-EMF exposure from the incubator to less than the background levels.