ELFAAEuropean Low Fares Airline Association
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ELFAA has emphasised that the effect of the proposal will be to exclude 80% of long-distance flights from the ETS, even though these flights account for 80% of aviation emissions.
com, ELFAA welcomes the membership of easyJet as it adds to the association's ability to speak for the whole low-fare industry.
While ELFAA welcomes the proposed eco-labelling for aviation, the various taxes proposed by the Committee--while they would increase the cost of flights--would make no direct contribution to the environment.
Only the ELFAA, representing low-cost airlines, is "very disappointed" by the outcome of the ICAO's 38th General Assembly.
In the letter to EU Transport Commissioner Loyola de Palacio the ELFAA questioned whether Alitalia would ever be able to pay back the loan due to its dire financial situation, reports Reuters.
This point of view was also echoed by ELFAA, the European Low Fares Airline Association, which emphasises that "the exemption from the ETS granted to 80% of CO2 emissions from air transport makes the measure totally inefficient at the environmental level, and imposes an unfair burden on inter-European operators and travellers".
ELFAA, Spanair ELFAA condemns Olatest round of cash handoutsO to Spanair.
The AEA (Association of European airlines), EBAA (business aviation), ELFAA (low-cost airlines) and ERA (regional airlines) issued a joint statement pointing out that weaknesses in the single sky "cost some 14 million per day" and that there is a "real need to address this situation urgently".
For the ELFAA, this "political solution" represents "the worst of all worlds".
ELFAA said members also led the way in job creation.
The AEA (Association of European Airlines), ELFAA (European Low Fares Airline Association) and ERA (regional airlines) have all expressed relief.
ELFAA says its proposals on EU airspace will reduce CO2 emissions from aircraft by 10 percent by 2013 and by at least 12 percent by 2020, based on 2007 levels.