ELIBEnzyme Linked Immunotransfer Blot Technique (parasitic diseases)
eLIBElectronic Libraries (The Electronic Libraries Programme)
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GMB regional secretary, Tom Brennan, said: "We welcome the compensation offered, the extra funding for research and the ELIB.
Honorable Mention: "Spheres," ink and watercolor, by Elib Apodaca (Not available)
The JISC established the eLib program (eLib, 2001) in the mid1990s, providing an opportunity for experimentation in multiple areas, including a strand for the establishment of pilot subject gateways.
The HERON (Higher Education ON-demand) project was established in 1998 and arose from JISC's eLib Phase 3 "project into service" strand.
s eLib, ERCIM's efforts in Western Europe, and high profile projects in France, Japan, China, the Netherlands, and other nations.
The fourth is CHED elib (proquest central) (students: mean = 3.
Mechanical characterization of PP-CNTs compounds was carried out with an electromechanical universal machine ELIB 50 (SAE Ibertest, Madrid, Spain) following the guidelines of the UNE EN ISO 527-1 standard at a constant rate of 20 mm [min.
Some examples of "personalized current awareness news services" are Net2one (Net2one, 2003), MSNBC News Filters (MSNBC, 2003), and the eLib Newsagent project (eLib Newsagent, 2000).
Phase 3 is an attempt to consolidate the experience and lessons learned from these past projects and to build model digital libraries for the future through four main approaches (described in more detail below): hybrid libraries, large-scale resource discovery, digital preservation, and the development of early eLib projects into services.
Recent projects have been funded under the Electronic Libraries Programme, or eLib, (see www.
CANCER sufferer Christopher Bell is one person who could benefit from the new ELIB.