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ELIDEExtension Language for Iterative Design Encoding (Java language software)
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4% for Elide 2011 class A2 notes, compared with 28.
The lack of this critical interplay, whenever it occurs in these essays, reduces a writer's elaborate figuration into a sexual theory that elides the more complicated social and psychological ranges of intimacy.
Moreover, when he refers to the Invisible Man's speeches as "the means through which the collective expresses its own subjectivity" (139; my emphasis), Harper both generalizes and impersonalizes that collective subjectivity, which is to elide the effects of gender on the construction of racial identity once again.
The fact that Reagan's presidency didn't accomplish anything approaching its seismic promise--the size of government grew, abortion remained legal, and entitlements still abounded--is one that his partisan biographers elide by focusing on what Reagan believed and said rather than on what he actually did.
Innis argues that the cultural predominance of spatially biased media of communications, such as television and cinema, contribute to the creation of "monopolies of knowledge" (what American Walter Lippmann later termed "the manufacture of consent") that spread themselves over vast geographical distances and can elide differences, encourage stereotypes and presume to occupy a pre-eminent, centralized, perhaps even "aerial" view.
Fox's roughly $10 million Italo-language foray is being structured as a co-production with France's Babe Films and Italo producer Elide Melli's Cosmo Films, which originated the project.
and disparate modes of thought are brought together in ways that elide their particular differences.
With: Franco Citti, Rosario Fiorello, Elide Melli, Olimpia Carlisi, Ermanno Castriota, Guerrino Crivello, Pietro De Silva, Daniele Ferretti, Franco Iavarone, Vera Gemma, Barbara De Pace.
might strive to understand morality less as a question of individual taste and more as a question of what is true" - the authors elide precisely the true decentralization of authority and the diversity of approaches that a flourishing civil society should cultivate.
The study does not, though, elide the contestations at work among these discursive fields and within each of them.
But what her supporters elide is that Hill could have made that choice - as did Rosa Parks, who risked her job as a seamstress and even her life to stand up (or sit down) for her rights.
Perhaps unsurprisingly given his professional background, Mattox's choices for inclusion tend to reflect Washington's preferred perspective and elide or omit many events, although certainly not all, that shed negative light on US actions and policies.