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ELINCSEuropean List of Notified Chemical Substances
ELINCSEHR-Lab Interoperability and Connectivity Specification (California HealthCare Foundation)
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Quest Diagnostics' support of the ELINCS standard aligns with our company's and our nation's goals to create efficiencies and improve quality in our health care system," said Richard A.
By implementing the ELINCS lab standard in its national data exchange hub, Quest Diagnostics has enabled its physician customers in the U.
The ELINCS standard helps physicians make that important transition successfully by allowing them to access their laboratory results more quickly, easily, and cost-effectively.
Brown & Toland will test ELINCS, in a clinical setting, with the TouchWorks Electronic Health Record to demonstrate the benefits of real-time laboratory results reporting in ambulatory practices.
Detailed information is given on each chemical component (CAS, EINECS/ ELINCS, UN numbers, synonyms, physical properties, toxicological and environmental properties, etc.