ELIPSElectronic Library of Interior Policies (resource)
ELIPSElectronic Labeling Information Processing System (US FDA)
ELIPSEuropean Programme for Life and Physical Science (European Space Agency)
ELIPSExtended Librarian Interactive Productivity Services (Sprint)
ELIPSExpertise in Life and Pension Solutions (Belgium)
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Already shipped in millions of devices, ELIPS enables software companies, handset makers and operators to create and deploy mobile applications, rich user interfaces as well as complete software solution, in record time.
ELIPS is an open application development environment designed for mass-market mobile phones.
OpenPlug is a software provider specialized in mobile telephony and commercializes under the ELIPS name a range of patented technologies that facilitate the development of mobile phones, smartphones and the applications that run on them.
Open-Plug, the specialist in software development environment for mass market phones and portable devices, today announced it has been selected by Hon Hai Precision Industry (commonly known as Foxconn) to deliver its ELIPS Suite for the development of mass market phones for OEMs and Operators.
Based around the Open-Plug ELIPS component based Linux framework, field proven mass market phone devices can be configured on demand at production or in the field with new services and applications.
Ahmad Bin Shafar, the chairman of ELIPS, pointed out that the company which began its operations had enhanced a leading position for itself by catering to the industrial needs of Gulf region.
BARCELONA - Mobile World Congress, February 27 /PRNewswire/ -- Open-Plug, the specialist in software development environments for portable devices, today announced that it is working with Intel to integrate its ELIPS Linux Telephony Stack to the Moblin Linux software stack for Mobile Internet Devices (MIDs) based on Intel's next generation "Moorestown" platform.
tmi), a leading provider of mobile video and audio technologies, have announced a marketing partnership to deliver tmi's 3GPP video and audio codecs for GSM and UMTS handsets with ELIPS from Open-Plug, to allow mobile phone makers to quickly build new handsets with full multimedia capabilities.
On display at Empower's stand at the show is wire solutions from ELIPS, the newly established Empower-Logstor Insulated Pipes System and UAE's largest pre-insulated pipe manufacturing facility, in Jebel Ali,' said Ahmad Bin Shafar, CEO of Empower.
BARCELONA and TAIPEI, Taiwan, February 27 /PRNewswire/ -- - ELIPS Suite Will Enable Hon Hai Precision Industry to Rapidly Develop Mass Market Phones Across Multiple Chipsets
Open-Plug, the specialist in software development environments for mass-market mobile phones, announces today that its ELIPS application suite is embedded in Sony Ericsson's J132 mobile phone.
ELIPS is a joint venture between Emirates Central Cooling Systems Corporation (Empower), UAE's leading district cooling company and Logstor, the world's largest manufacturer of pre-insulated pipes.