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ELISEllis Island (US National Park Service)
ELISElectronic Library Information System (various organizations)
ELISElectronics and Information Systems (Ghent University; Belgium)
ELISEncyclopedia of Library and Information Science
ELISEducazione, Lavoro, Istruzione, Sport (Italian: Education, Jobs, Instruction, Sport; Rome, Italy)
ELISEquitable Life Insurance Society
ELISElectronic Library of Scientific Research
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Stronger Diversification: Prior to the Berendsen acquisition, Elis was highly oriented towards the French market, which generated 57% of sales and about 75% of EBITDA.
Up next, a week later on Thursday 28 December, is Elis James, with Swansea's own Dan Thomas closing the series on 4 January.
A stubborn and confidant Elis pushed her way into the local music scene, catching the eye of many talent scouts with her incredible vocals.
Elis plans to offer a mix and match facility to all Berendsen shareholders under which Berendsen shareholders may elect, subject to availability as a result of elections made by other Berendsen shareholders, to vary the proportions in which they receive new Elis shares and cash in respect of their holdings in Berendsen shares.
Consequently, Elis has decided it is necessary for it to make public the revised proposal so that it can be considered by Berendsen's shareholders.
Through it, individuals can establish a USCIS ELIS account and apply online to extend or change their nonimmigrant status for certain visa types.
As part of the deal, Elis will market MycoVa in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Iraq and Yemen as well as in the United Arab Emirates, Oman, Bahrain and Qatar.
The existance of certain affinities between Marduk's fifty names at the end of Enuma elis and those attested in fragments of god lists was pointed out as early as 1902.
So when it comes to his retirement portfolio, Elis opts for a ``self-directed IRA,'' a tool that allows savvy individual investors to supercharge their retirement accounts - but could backfire in the hands of novice moneymen.
It is very well acted, particularly by Bo Paroj as Elis, Frances Thorburn as Eleonora and Edward Peel in the remarkable role of Lindkvist - one single, compelling scene Running time: One hour 50 minutes.