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ELISAEnzyme Linked Immunosorbent Assay
ELISAEuropean Light Sources Activities (EU)
ELISAExport License Status Advisor (US DoD)
ELISAEvolution of Large-Scale Industrial Software Applications (International Conference)
ELISAEastern Long Island Sailing Association (also seen as ELIYA)
ELISAEuropean Experiment on the Linkage between Internet Integrated Services and ATM
ELISAEstimated Load Information Scheduling Algorithm
ELISAElectronic Intelligence Search & Analysis
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5 ELISA tests are expensive as the instruments and chemicals are required to perform the test but it has shorten the window period of HCV.
Serologic results for red deer serum samples tested for Schmallenberg virus with SNT, i-ELISA, and c-ELISA * SNT method ELISA method SNT positive, n = 97 SNT negative, n = 17 Positive Negative Positive Negative or doubtful or doubtful i-ELISA 57 40 7 10 c-ELISA 67 30 6 11 i-ELISA and c-ELISA 49 22 6 9 * SNT, seroneutralization test; i-ELISA, indirect ELISA; c-ELISA, competitive ELISA.
7-100) Microlisa HIV 1/2 100 Enzaids HIV 1+2 ELISA 100 Pareekshak HIV 1/2 ELISA 99.
Los materiales y reactivos utilizados son los mismos para las dos pruebas, con la diferencia que el antigeno es de origen bursal (gp58) para el caso del ELISA Estandar, y de origen viral (VP2) para el caso del ELISA de Rango Extendido.
Part II will include viral load testing for acute (primary) HIV infection, the "detuned ELISA," accuracy of HIV tests today and answers to "denialist" claims they are unreliable, anonymous testing, home testing anonymously, informed consent for testing, and counseling.
The IGFBP-1 ELISA protocols were optimized for analytical performance.
These results might indicate that false-positive ELISA results for HCV are frequent.
To safeguard the blood supply, the Red Cross is discarding blood from people who are repeatedly reactive on ELISA tested negative on western blots.
Confirmation of HCPS was based on the clinical syndrome with laboratory confirmation by [greater than or equal to] 1 of the following tests: ELISA for immunoglobulin G (IgG) and IgM antibody for hantavirus, a focus reduction assay for neutralizing antibody to Andes virus, and an RNA reverse transcription (RT)-PCR for Andes virus.