ELLCEnhanced Logical Link Control
ELLCEnglish Language Liturgical Consultation
ELLCEnvironmental Living and Learning Center (Northland College; Ashland, WI)
ELLCEast London Lettings Company (UK)
ELLCEnglish Language Liturgical Commission
ELLCEnterprise and Lifelong Learning Committee (UK)
ELLCEnhanced Logic Link Control
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In 2011, leaders from ELLC convened an ecumenical and international colloquium of liturgical scholars in Reims, France, to consider, among other things, the matter of texts in common.
In 1999/2000 the ELLC held its first enquiry (5) on the provision of business support services.
ELLC (2000) Final Report of the Enquiry into the Delivery of Local Economic Development, Edinburgh: the Stationery Office