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ELNECEnd-of-Life Nursing Education Consortium
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ELNEC offers modules on pain and symptom management, ethics, communication, and other key EOL issues (AACN, 2000).
001 Table 3: Pretest and Posttest Student Means and Standard Deviations Perceived Competence FATCOD ** in Meeting ELNEC Standards * Cohort 1 Mean Pretest ([+ or -]SD) 61.
Multiple pediatric palliative care curricula have been written, along with ELNEC, a sophisticated nursing curriculum, and a recently published compendium on the role of the social worker in end of life care.
An ELNEC educational workshop for professional caregivers at a community hospital was developed and evaluated to improve comfort in providing EOL care.
Communication skills for end-of-life nursing care: Teaching strategies from the ELNEC curriculum.
ELNEC was developed in 2000 after extensive research documented that most nurses did not receive adequate end-of-life care preparation during their basic education.
Provide palliative care education to clinical nurses; have a palliative care nurse champion on each unit who has been trained through ELNEC.
The goal of ELNEC is to strengthen nursing education to improve end-of-life care.
She is Pediatric ELNEC trained and has a bachelors degree in nursing from the University of Southern California.
Barbara Mahon Mulligan, RN, CCM, certified ELNEC Trainer; Linda Bethel, RN, CCM; and Maureen Howard, BSN, M.
Researchers conducted this phenomenological study to explore the lived experiences of recent graduates who received ELNEC education content in their nursing programs and who cared for a dying patient within the first year of clinical practice.