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ELNESElectron Energy-Loss Near Edge Structure
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There was no example of changing just because of a vision," Elnes said.
Elnes called attention to the strong embrace of faith life, saying, "Faith really changes things when you take it seriously.
3G-O) resemble Dendrograptus rigidus Bulman, 1936, which is known from somewhat older beds of the Engervik Member of the Elnes Formation in the Oslo Region (Maletz & Egenhoff 2004), and also Dendrograptus?
Trilobites from the Middle Ordovician Elnes Formation of the Oslo Region, Norway.
Dendroid graptolites in the Elnes Formation (Middle Ordovician), Oslo Region, Norway.
Elnes heard a parishioner defensively preface her affirmation of faith with "I'm tired of being a Christian, but .
4 and 5, Elnes joined 50 activists at the Progressive Christian Leadership Summit in San Francisco to draw up strategies for a theological and political confrontation with the religious right by repopularizing "core Christian values" such as "compassion, justice and love of God, neighbor and self.
Elnes admitted he underestimated their influence, presuming that "the culture would correct itself.
The idea for Crosswalk America, a 20-week hike from April to September, came to Elnes as he dealt with his congregation's anguish.
Rebecca Glenn, who is leading it with Elnes, said the goal is to spark dialogue at various stops and to celebrate "the affirmation of our belief that the Christian way of life is based on love and concern for one another, not on what separates us.
Elnes said he sees the summit as part of an emerging trend: An evangelical coalition recently declared adherence to environmentalism.